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Turkey Day 3 and 4

December 22, 2014

These days are more interesting for me as I got to take pictures! On day 3, me and my mum went for a walk by the beach which was lovely. In December, the sun is still out but there’s a nice chill to the air which makes it a nice temperature. I saw quite a few rough looking buildings which people live in. They made for some interesting pictures. What I love about Turkey is all the dogs roaming round. I hope they’re well cared for though. I love dogs. And what I love about these pictures is how blue the sea is.

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On my fourth day, I went to a shopping centre/mall nearby. This didn’t present as many opportunities for photographs but it was still fun. They have some lovely home shops which were nice to look round. We started in a glass shop which I felt very uneasy in, especially as I heard a glass smash, but luckily I managed not to break anything!

All images are up on my flickr page at www.flickr.com/hayleyfearnleyphoto

It would mean a lot to me if you had a look!

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