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Turkey Day 1 and 2

December 20, 2014

I arrived in Turkey on December 18th to see my family over the Christmas period. As mentioned in a previous post, my dad is in the army therefore, now lives in Turkey. I get one free flight a year which I have chosen to use for Christmas as I can’t imagine spending it without them! The flight here took roughly 4 hours and included one changeover. Within this time, I managed to watch 2 films: The Fault In Our Stars (extremely saddening), followed by Let’s Be Cops (to cheer me up).  I recommend both films and hope to be writing a film review on both soon.

For the sake of this post, I’ll count that as day one even though it wasn’t a full day.

Original Sweet Potato Pie
Original Sweet Potato Pie

On my second day here, I went to my parents friends Christmas party. This was fun and everyone brought some food they’d made for everyone to eat. As this is an army base, there’s such a huge variety of people from all over the world. One girl from Alabama made “sweet potato pies” apparently. But not really in the traditional sense. What I understand to be a sweet potato pie is an orange pie with cream on top. What she made looked like cupcake with marshmallows on top (I though it was a smores inspired cupcake), but was in fact a sweet potato base (with other unknown ingredients) topped with marshmallows as well as croissants with the same filling. Strangely, it wasn’t bad although I’m not really sure if it actually was sweet potato pie as it wasn’t orange like a sweet potato. She said everyone has marshmallows with it though? Anyway, that was interesting! If anyone has any idea what it is, I’d love to hear!

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