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Updates to New Years Resolutions

December 17, 2014

See, I knew starting my list early was a good idea! I’ve had a couple ideas since writing my first post about my New Years Resolutions and decided to add a few here. Some of them are more of things I want to achieve rather than things I will do but here they are:

Keep up to date with blog

I plan to update my blog at least once a week and hope to start posting OOTD posts too each week. Yes, I am a poor university student who can’t afford clothes every week but I think even if I got into the changing rooms of topshop or buy outfits and return them, then I could maybe keep on track with that? I don’t know, that sounds illegal but I don’t think it is. I may change that to once a fortnight because there’s no way I’m gonna find a great outfit every week. My wardrobe is lacking but slowly being built up.

Find a house by the end of January

I was sorted for housing until I offered to move in with a girl on my course who has no one else to live with therefore, my plans have changed. There is still the possibility of moving into my original planned place if she agrees to it but if not, I need to find somewhere soon and make sure it’s reasonably priced so I can stop stressing over it

Get a Press Pass to Clothes Show

Or at least attend. I’m hoping that if I blog more about fashion and beauty as well as photography, I could possibly gain a press pass as photographing the whole event would be great! I know it’s not until the end of the year but I feel as though it’s still something I need to prepare for.

Gain 100 followers on each social networking account.

I believe this will be difficult however, if I keep posting regularly and promote my all the sites a lot, it should hopefully be doable. I’m thinking of setting up a wordpress account just for my photography so I can use that too. I have my university one but I’d like a personal one too.

Buy Christmas Gifts Through out the Year

Christmas gift buying was awful this year, it’s a very poor effort on my behalf. Therefore, I plan to start buying gifts throughout the year so I’m not searching for things last minute. I couldn’t even get some things delivered on time this year and had to tell my boyfriend I’ll buy him more presents after christmas! Even with birthday presents, I’m gonna try buy them early,

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