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November 30, 2014

Ever since I was young , I have never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years. Whilst I was in primary school, my dad joined the army and half way through Guterslöh Mapyear 4, he was posted to Germany, which meant the rest of my family moved with him. We lived here just short of 3 years and it was honestly the loveliest place I’ve ever lived. Cars didn’t seem to be used as much here, it seemed most people biked places if they could. There were bike paths everywhere. The parks were beautiful, much better than we have here in England and were much more well kept. They had so much more than your average swing, slide and roundabout. They had zip wires almost everywhere, ice cream parlours local (my local park had the parlour right by the zip wire) they had ping pong tables available to hire for free. It was a dream for my young self. Admittedly, the shopping wasn’t great. They didn’t have many stylish places like Topshop or Miss Selfridges but most places did deliver to us since we had a BFPO address.

Towards the end of year 6, it was time to pack up and move again. This time, to Aldershot, back in England. This was quite an average town but out of all the places I’ve lived, the people here were theAldershot.8 best. I made so many good friends at school, which I struggled with in primary school. I remember going to the teacher at playtime about having no friends and she’d pair me up with someone who I’d stick with for a week until I convinced myself they didn’t like me. Kinda sad I know. But I met one of my best friends here, who coincidentally went to my school in Germany too! Our neighbours were lovely too and we’d always sit outside and talk over the fence and have little garden parties. Oh! And we had the biggest trampoline I’ve ever seen! Our garden was huge so my dad got the biggest trampoline ever, which he managed to get free. Oh how I miss it. Another good point, we had KFC a 2 minute walk away since we lived right near the town centre.

We lived in Aldershot for 2 years, then we moved back to my home town of Bradford and we stayed settled here for what felt like, quite a while. I ended up reunited with my childhood friends and my best friend from primary school, who I am still friends with to this day. I also went to school with my cousin who I am super close to so again, it was quite easy to make friends here. Especially the year groups were quite small. The school may have been a lot more “rough” than other schools I had attended and would attend in future, however it was by far my favourite. It was lovely being close to my family again too, compared to a 5 hour drive or a flight trip away. I lived here till year 10, again roughly 2 years.

Whilst in Bradford, my dad was working in Catterick therefore, would have to commute to work everyday and sometimes have to spend a few days there to save on travel. This began to become a pain and although my mum didn’t want to move again, it seemed like the best thing to do. So, we ended up in Catterick. Catterick itself wasn’t that great, it’s known for being an army base and there isn’t much more to it. But the places that surrounded it were beautiful. I went to school in the picturesque town of Richmond. The school was much bigger here as were the classes, I went from having under 500 people in my whole school, to having roughly 1000 people in it. It was a big change and I found it harder to find friends, especially as most of these people had already formed their friend groups and had known each other since year 7. I was buddied up with a friend on my first day therefore, stayed with this group however I never really bonded with people that well. I stayed here till year 13 and stayed on at Sixth Form, where I met my current best friend who was in the same situation as I was, of not knowing anyone and being excluded as everyone had known each other previously. She lived in the Dales at the time, as did many of my friends therefore, I got the chance to visit here a lot. It was so beautiful and I would love to live here again if it weren’t so far away from anything. The transport links weren’t that great either so I’d feel a bit excluded.

Towards the end of year 13, I found out my dad would be posted to Windsor and I would be going to university so this didn’t bother me. At least I’d be able to catch a train there. During this time, my parents had persuaded me to stay at uni around Bradford as it would be close to home, and whilst I was applying, the original plan was that they would be moving to Bradford anyway, not Windsor. So I applied to Bradford and Huddersfield and got a place at both. However, we later found there was no longer a place for my dad in Winsor so he was reposted to Turkey. I hated the idea of this to begin with, not only because it meant barely seeing my family, but also the fact that it meant living with my Grandma for 3 years whilst at university. In the end, I hated university that much and made no friends for various reasons, including the fact I didn’t live in halls, I dropped out and got a job.

I survived Bradford for a year until I reapplied to many universities, all down south except Leeds (who I unfortunately didn’t have the grades for) and got accepted to Coventry where I now live. It doesn’t have all that much to offer but I am closer to my boyfriend who lives in Leicester and I absolutely adore my course.

Moving around has been really difficult, especially with the process of making friends. I feel as though I am still struggling to make friends now whilst at university and haven’t a clue who I’ll be living with next year but I’m getting by and my flat mates are very nice. You’d think moving around would teach me how to make friends but it really hasn’t. Saying this, I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world. I love travelling and have had so many great experiences in all these places. I really am grateful for the opportunities to visit these places and I currently get free flights and a free place to stay in Turkey so I can’t complain! Although, I would never move around this much in future. My plan is to move to Leeds and stay there. Also, if you’re still reading, thank you. You are amazing.

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