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November 14, 2014

Tonight I have come across a lot of things on social media that have annoyed me greatly. First of all it began with a star of The Only Way is Essex, Gemma Collins, making an appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Now, I expected the idiots I am friends with on Facebook to make stupid comments about her, but the people I follow on Twitter and Tumblr always talk about how they’re against body shaming and how women should be body confident and be proud of how they look. As well as this, there are so many campaigns these days to get bigger women more represented and respected within the media, advertising and fashion industry, so you would expect that a lot of people would make no comment about the weight of Gemma. But no. All I have seen tonight is tweet after tweet after tweet, all making fun of Gemma for being what they consider as fat. Fat is a horrible term to use, I personally don’t think anyone should ever be called that because it’s degrading. Here is just a small amount of the tweets I have seen tonight:

At first, I thought it was all just male tweets which is slightly more understandable, but in no way anymore acceptable. I thought that at least women would be standing up for her and preaching how we should all accept our bodies etc. I thought hey, there’s gotta be some hope left. But again, no. I thought wrong. Obviously, my expectations for society are too high and respect is too much to ask for these days. There are girls writing jokes about her weight and defending those people that are writing the jokes, as well as laughing along.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t acceptable on any level. How can we expect the media to start using curvier models, and for shops like Topshop and American Apparel to use curvier mannequins and models, when all society does is make fun of them and make out like bigger girls are disgusting and being bigger is something to be ashamed of. The thing is, I don’t think the media does shape how we see people. It the public. And if everyone carried on this way towards the weight of women, we would never have seen such brilliant campaigns come to life in the past few years such as (Debenhams introducing bigger sized mannequins in their stores and Next using curvier models)

Another thing that really got to me was the fact that people would defend themselves and justify their jokes by bringing up the image below where she shames thinner people. They have justified it by saying that it’s okay to make fun of her for her weight because she has article-2356666-1AAB1767000005DC-758_634x988discriminated against others because of theirs.

No. Sorry. You can’t do this. If you disagree with her shaming others on their weight, you can’t retaliate by doing the same thing. Firstly, it would mean you are stooping to her level and makes you no better than her and solves nothing. Secondly, you haven’t a clue who could be reading your posts. Someone reading your posts/jokes about her could get seriously offended wether they’re a similar weight or not. People really need to start thinking about their actions and the consequences they could have. There are so many young, and even older girls that are so self conscious of their bodies and this really doesn’t help. If they see themselves as being fat or a similar size to her, then you’re going to make them feel worse about themselves. If someone has suffered from an eating disorder and has started to recover, they may see your posts and see that they can’t allow themselves to eat properly as being thin is the only thing society accepts. This could make someone slip back into their eating disorder. Please think about what you say.

To add to my outrage even more, someone has completely gone to a whole new level and gone right out of their way to make a twitter account just to make jokes about her weight. I’m not going to leave the username here because they don’t deserve the attention. If you want the Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 00.01.06username to block them then feel free to message me.

Okay, now that rant is over. Time for a new one. We have also recently seen images online of Kim Kardashians recent photoshoot with Paper magazine where she poses with full nudity. People have shamed her for this for many reasons saying that she’s doing it for attention, she’s doing it for the money, she’s doing it because it’s all she’s good at, and recently I have seen criticism about how heavily photoshopped it appears.

Guess what? All of this is bad. And you can bet your ass that I’m gonna tell you the reasons why it’s bad.

  1. She has being accused of doing it for attention. So what. Is a woman not allowed to feel good about herself and pose for a camera for a positive reaction? It seems women get told to be confident so much these days yet when someone is confident, they’re classed as big headed and attention seeking. I think some of you guys are getting a bit confused about what you want women to do. Do you want them to be confident or do you want them to hate themselves because I can’t tell.
  2. She has also been accused of doing it for money. Excuse me, if you were offered a huge sum of money and you were confident with your body, wouldn’t you do the same? I know I would. The opportunity is there for her and plenty of other celebrities have done it in the past, it just hasn’t been in the public eye as much or hasn’t had as much scrutiny.
  3. I have also seen people say that the only reason she did the shoot was because she has no talents and her only claim to fame was through a sex video. If I’m honest, it’s the public that got her famous. People paid attention to her, people watched Keeping up with the Kardashians and continue to do so. She’s obviously doing something right. She’s married to Kanye West) for god sake. Maybe there’s a touch of jealousy from some of you because you can’t reach the level of fakim-kardashian-3me she has.
  4. The image has been critisiced over how photoshopped it is. Um new flash, Kim didn’t take these pictures, nor did she photoshop them. The most likely situation is that the photographer used to photoshop because the magazine told him to, and the magazine would have told him to because the public can’t seem to handle people in their natural state. You all make fun of Gemma Collins for being bigger than a size 8. The magazine won’t sell as many copies if they don’t use photoshop because people will be outraged and show disgust. In this case, I do partly think it’s the medias fault for this as the public are now so used to seeing photoshopped images, it has become the normal thing to do. But then again, the majority of people critisize it too so you all know it’s not how she really looks. So why shame people when they don’t use photoshop and when they’re not perfect. It seems people are never happy. There’s always something to complain about.
  5. Finally, a few people I know have pointed out the fact that the people shaming her for these images are enforcing rape culture. There have been a lot of private, nude images of celebrities leaked lately and people went crazy for them and praised them. But now a celebrity actually chooses to allow the public to see them nude, it’s classed as obscene, attention seeking and inappropriate? This is rape culture. You’re glorifying the nudity of someone who didn’t give consent for the public to see them, yet you’re shaming a woman who has given consent.

You’ll be pleased to know that my rant is over and if you’re still reading this, thank you. I hope you’ve taken something away from it or agree with me somehow. What I’ve really noticed with these two situations alone, is that people on social media seem to be very hypocritical these days and there are double standards. Women are trying to so hard to keep up to these standards but when these change daily, it’s difficult to keep track of what society expects us to do. People really need to start thinking about what they’re saying and they need to realise that just because some one is famous, it doesn’t make it okay to shame them for their appearance, especially as body image is a major problem at the moment with all the pressures within the media. There are a lot of impressionable young girls out there and I’m sure they already have enough pressure at school among their peers to look good. Please set an example and show them they should be themselves and not what others want them to be. Thank you.

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