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New Years Resolutions

November 7, 2014

Okay, I know this is early but I feel like starting my new years resolutions early this year might help me actually come up with some that I will stick to. I usually make them on New Years Eve and they end up rushed which makes them kinda bad and I don’t end up sticking to them. This year/next year will be different. I WILL STICK TO THEM. I may also add to this list throughout the year if I think of anything else and I will track my progress throughout next year on this blog. So, here goes!

DSC_5873aGet Your Dream Body

Okay, so this may already seem silly and impossible to keep up with but I do have a plan. What I plan to do is eat 1200 calories a day, work out (on the days I work out, I’ll increase to 1,500 to make sure I am well nourished), and possibly go to the gym if I can afford it. I hope to lose a pound a week which I know is doable as I have done it very recently until white chocolate and raspberry cookies were on offer in Sainsbury’s for £1. How could I resist?

Be Good With Your Money!

This leads on kind of well from my first resolution. If I can be good with my money, it means I’ll be able to afford a gym membership which I want so bad. I plan to put £10 into my savings a week, spend £25-£30 on food a week at most, and only buy clothes if I really need them or if I have a lot of money lying about. However, I’ll be going to Ireland in February (yaay!) so I need to save money for this. I plan to draw out £10 a week for this and put it in my pink money box and put any loose change in there too. The idea is, I can’t touch it!

Eat Healthily

This means cooking my own meals from scratch, no microwave meals, trying out new healthy foods I haven’t tried before, finding alternative options to the bad snacks I eat, and even baking “lighter” treats for myself. If I can manage my money well enough, hopefully I can afford protein powder to put in my treats too. I don’t think this one should be too hard as I eat quite well already and stay away from microwave meals. In fact, I’ve only had one microwave meal since starting uni in September!

Do The “52 Photos” Challenge

Basically, this will involve taking a photograph a week and posting it right here, on my blog. Posted with it may be a short critical reflection. I plan to do this in the hope that it will help me improve my photography skills as well as build up a portfolio. For this, I imagine I will have to look for new locations to shoot however, I will do it

Improve Photoshop Skills

I quite like the concept of fine art photography, however it has always looked so difficult and unachievable to me. I always tell myself I can’t do it. Well, 2015 will be the year this changes. I want to make sure I am the best I can be and I think improving my skills in this area whilst at uni will be the best time to do it as I’ll have the support from my tutors too. As well as the internet of course, which I will definitely need to use and do a lot of research for this.

That’s it for now but if you have any ideas/suggestions then write them in the comments or tell me what your new years resolutions are or what your past ones have been!

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